You'll need all your powers of observation, imagination, logic and deduction to crack the enigmatic puzzles this book contains. Themed around mysteries in the great detective's casebook, each fiendishly complex problem requires you to follow Holmes' forensic methods - unless you can devise better ones! But whether you tread in the master's footsteps or branch out on your own, prepare for a serious brain workout. You won't have Watson to help you, and these are all definitely 'two pipe problems'. FIENDISH PUZZLES: is illustrated with 75 pieces of period artwork and (just in case you need them) all the solutions. As SH was once to say: "You know my methods. Apply them." CUNNING PUZZLES: 70 specially commissioned puzzles and challenges devised by Baker Street's legendary detective. These cunning puzzles have been grouped by their approximate difficulty but as a wise man once said, "All questions are hard if you don't know the answer, and easy if you do." RUDIMENTARY PUZZLES: Improve your faculties with 70 specially-commissioned puzzles, riddles and enigmas concocted by the one detective who needs no introduction, Mr Sherlock Holmes. Dr John Watson, the dear friend and companion of Holmes, has taken the liberty of assembling this collection of trials, so you too can test your analytic abilities and hone your deductive sense to avoid making hasty assessments and faulty conclusions.

Sherlock Homes: Cunning Puzzles